SACRED BAND Now Available!

This is not a drill! Sacred Band is live at Amazon, where you can get it in paperback or for your Kindle! Please leave us a review, and tell us what you think!

GaymerX 2016

I will be acting as a Boss of Honor for GaymerX’s gaming track once again this year!

SOLVE ET COAGULA: Now Available!

Hello, friends. I just released a new PDF on the DM’s Guild – Solve et Coagula: A Practical Guide to Alchemy. It provides some solid rules on playing alchemist characters, with lots of new alchemical equipment, tools for those that enjoy playing characters who craft alchemical items, a smidge of alchemical history for the Forgotten Realms, advice on making adjustments to

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GenCon 2016

I’ll be at GenCon this year – find me at the Green Ronin booth (1421) in the exhibitor hall, when I’m not running games! What games? Glad you asked! Sacred Band: The Indy Event: Friday 1p – 5p. The Sacred Band deals with the potential disaster of an Event in Indianapolis! Featuring the characters from Joseph Carriker’s novel. To Catch

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Queer Design & DMing for RPGs: Some Advice

I originally wrote this as a reply to a gentleman who is giving a panel in which he wanted to touch on queerness in gaming, in terms of what to keep in mind, what to consider, and what to avoid. This was my response to him, which I figured was useful enough to keep around. So, in my experience, when

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OrcaCon 2017

I have been asked back to be a guest at OrcaCon 2.0 for 2017! Last year’s event was an amazing hit, and an absurd amount of fun, and I have every faith it’ll be just as awesome this year. They are running a Kickstarter right now, and one of the sponsorship options involves me running a D&D 5e game, set

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Thirty Years a Gamer

Spring Break, 1986.   Thirty years ago, my mom took some work out on South Padre Island doing cleaning in the aftermath of the Spring Breakers who make it out there every year. As part of that process, she discovered something some university student had left there – the red box of Dungeons & Dragons.   I was twelve at

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GaymerX Debriefing

I’m on the plane home from the fantastic GaymerX, writing this in my phone’s note-taking app. More than any other convention I’ve ever been to, this convention was about the people. Lots of people, in a bewildering variety, from all over the place. From the trim-and-put-together Aussie Liam to the fabulously fey Raine to the handsome trio of beard-and-mohawk’d lads

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