Gen Con 2017

Industry Insider

I have been invited to be part of Gen Con’s 50th Anniversary as one of their Industry Insider programs! I’m tremendously honored to have received such an invitation, and I really do think these panels are going to be a lot of fun.

See the Schedule below for when those panels are taking place!


My Gen Con schedule looks like this for this year!


12pm – 4pm Green Ronin Booth Duty

5pm – 7pm SEM 17113265 Queer As A Three-Sided Die

7pm – 10pm Gaymer Gathering

9pm – 11pm VIG Mixer Party @ Oceanaire Seafood Room (30 S. Meridian)


12n – 1pm SEM17121713 The Heroes We Deserve

1.30pm – 2.30pm Book Signing

3pm – 4pm SEM17121696 How To Teach A Game

5p – 6pm SEM17121709 Right There On the Table Sex & Sexuality in Gaming

8p ENnies Awards


10am – 12pm Green Ronin Booth Duty

12.30-1.30 Book Signing

2pm – 3pm SEM17112892 The Critical Role: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting

5pm – 6pm SEM17113265 Queering Your Setting

8pm – 11pm SEM17103840 Candlekeep Presents (Just attending this one!)


10am – 12pm Green Ronin Booth Duty

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