Sacred Band

Sacred Band

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.”

— Joseph Campbell

The golden age of heroes is decades past. The government could not condone vigilantism and now metahumans are just citizens, albeit citizens with incredible talent, who are assisted in achieving normal lives (including finding good fits for their talents employment-wise) by a federal agency.

Rusty may have been a kid during that glorious age but he remembers his idol, Sentinel, saving lives and righting wrongs — until he was outed in an incredible scandal that forced him into isolation. When a gay friend of Rusty living in Ukraine goes missing, Rusty is forced to acknowledge that while the world’s governments claim that super teams are outdated and replaced by legal law enforcement, there are simply some places where the law doesn’t protect everyone — so he manages to find and recruit Sentinel to help him find his friend. But the disappearance of the friend is merely one move in a terrible plot against queer youth. A team of supers may be old-fashioned, but this may be a battle requiring some incredible reinforcements.

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Joseph D. Carriker, Jr. is a name well-known in the roleplaying game community for his exquisite storytelling and devotion to ensuring that gamers have a rich world to explore. Now he turns his own talents to fiction and a novel that shows what it truly means to be heroic.

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