GaymerX Games & Panels



I’ve been invited to be one of the “Bosses of Honor” for the GaymerX Convention in San Jose in December, and I have to admit, I’m rather looking forward to it! My schedule looks a little something like this:


Coming Out in the Game Industry: 1pm – 2pm. A panel that looks at some of the experiences some folks in the gaming industry have had with coming out while in it, and some of the issues we still face.


To Catch a Flown Crow (A Song of Ice & Fire Roleplaying): 10am – 2pm. Two groups meet north of the Wall: a small band of wildlings and a small patrol of rangers. Both discover they have a common aim: to bring to justice a turncloak Night’s Watch Ranger, so they join forces to do just that.

Queer as a Three-Sided Die: 3pm – 4pm. The well-loved gaymer panel that a handful of industry folks do every year at GenCon is coming to GaymerX! Looks at history of queerness in tabletop roleplaying, and covers advice on introducing such into your campaigns.

Queering Divinities: Diversifying Your Fantasy Religion: 6pm – 7pm. A panel that looks at fantasy deific pantheons, and how to introduce or emphasize queerness in both the identities of the gods and in the structures of their faiths.


GM Skills for Immersive Roleplay: 10am – 1pm. A workshop-style presentation intended to arm GMs in the process of providing opportunities for more in-depth roleplaying in their games.

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